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Welcome to a psychological study that is part of an international research project. The purpose of the study is to increase the knowledge on how decisions concerning family members are made. Participation will take around 15 minutes. After submitting your responses you will receive a short personal feedback on your choices.

The study consist of four parts. Firstly, you are asked to provide background information about yourself and people you know. After this, you will take decisions regarding yourself and these people - first in one context, where you are to choose whose life you would save, and then in another setting, which concerns with whom you would least want to have sex. In the final section, a few additional questions about the people in the decision cases will be asked.

You can complete the study at your own pace - you can take a break and continue when you are ready. The study is confidential and the data will be analyzed anonymously. Participation is voluntary and you can interrupt your participation at any time while you are submitting your answers.

N.B. The study has been updated and can now be completed also without arrow buttons e.g. with a mobile device. If you want to participate later, you can use the e­mail share link (letter picture, if not visible choose e­mail by clicking on plus(+) icon) below to send the participation link to your e­mail for later access.

Thank you for your participation!

Felix von Renteln, student, Åbo Akademi University

The researcher in charge of the study is Jan Antfolk, postdoc researcher at Åbo Akademi University.

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